We host cannabiz events in Texas! These range from Open Networking to Educational Workshops and Private & Invite-Only Events for Members & Investors.

At TCBA, you are surrounded with those that want to pave a responsible and transparent cannabis industry alongside you. We encourage leaning on businesses for support and leads in our Alliance.

Events are a great place to start when looking to absorb as much reliable and useful information as possible, to get a strong grasp on the industries.


Supply Chain Workshop list of things discussed –

Pre Harvest Panel

  • Genetics
  • Differences Between Growing Hemp With Seeds, Clones and Seedlings
  • Crop Life Cycles
  • Land Preparation
  • Associated numbers with hemp yields
  • Associated developmental costs
  • Common solutions to common problems
  •  Protecting crops from insects, molds and other threats
  • Crop insurance

Post-Harvest Panel

  • Different harvesting methods
  • Different  extraction methods
  • Testing
  • Distribution
  • CO2 Supercritical Extraction
  • Drying bottlenecks and challenges
  • Manufacturing


-Andrew Hill

– Jacob Bish

– Patrick King

-Brittany Burleson

– Derek Cross

-Skyler Johnston